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LoveUK and Salford Scholarship

Joint scholarship between LoveUK and University of Salford with 50% off your tuition fees.

Thank you for your interest in our scholarship info. Please can you complete the following info:

Your Details
Date of Birth *

Please also provide answers to the following questions in less than 500 words:


Please describe how you believe studying at Salford will contribute to the development of Mexico.

Terms and conditions

Applicants must be a Mexican national and hold a valid passport.

Applicants must hold an offer for September 2017 and in order to accept the award must hold an unconditional offer and have paid a deposit of £4,400.

Applicants cannot combine the scholarship with any other awards.

The scholarship will close on Friday 14 April 2017 17:00GMT and only the successful applicant will be notified by 5 May 2017.