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At Salford we welcome over 3000 students from around the world. We offer over 500 undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as career-based continuing professional development programmes. The University is located a mile and a half from the centre of Manchester, and is also the closest university to Manchester United football club. Our courses are designed with your future employability in mind – 94%of our postgraduates go on to employment or further study within six months of graduation.

Please use this site to find out about more the University, our programmes and entry requirements and how to apply. Our representatives visit a wide selection of countries, so you may have the opportunity to meet us near you. 

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Salford sends expert representatives to countries around the world with information about coming to the University as an international student. Find out more below about upcoming events near you.

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Grade B in State exams with minimum score of 7 in school subjects. Specific programmes will ask for grade B State exam in Physics, Maths. Business Courses (excluding Accounting and Finance) will accept grade C in Maths.


Bakalaur (awarded after 2000) with minimum C considered. Bakalaur qualifications before 2000 will require bridging programme for Masters, or will be considered for PgDip with very high marks.