Dr Gaynor Bagnall (Senior Lecturer in Sociology)

Research interests: Audiences; Museums & Heritage; Digital Media & Social Inclusion; Community Arts Engagement and Culture-led Regeneration
Teaching: Culture, Power & Identity; Social Inclusion & Class; Connected Communities & Kinship; Qualitative Research

Professor Christopher Birkbeck (Professor of Criminology)
Research interests: Morality; Comparative Criminology; Latin America
Teaching: Criminal Justice Process; State Terror; Transitional Justice

Dr Andrew Clark (Senior Lecturer in Sociology [Research Methods])
Research interests: Methodological Development; Inequality and Exclusion; Community; Research Ethics; Social Networks
Teaching: Advances in Research Methods; Visual Sociology; Kinship and Community

Professor Garry Crawford (Professor of Sociology)
Research interests: Audiences; Consumption; Sport; Video Games; New Media
Teaching: Popular Culture; Social and Cultural Theory

Dr Elaine Crawley (Reader in Criminology)
Research interests: Imprisonment; Prison staff; Comparative Prison Policies & Practices
Teaching: Contemporary Prisons; Elderly Prisoners; Prison Officer Professionalization

Professor Karl Dayson (Director of Sociology and Criminology)
Research interests: Economic and Financial Sociology; Microfinance, Social Enterprises & Civic Society
Teaching: Social Divisions (UK & global poverty); Regenerating Communities; Utopias & Dystopias

Dr Victoria Gosling (Lecturer in Sociology)
Research interests: Gender and Social Inclusion/Exclusion; Digital Gaming; New Technologies and Audiences
Teaching: Communities, Inequalities and Regeneration; Social Theory and Social Processes

Professor Neal Hazel (Professor of Criminology)
Research interests: Youth Crime; Youth Justice; Custodial Aftercare; Social Inclusion and Engagement of Young People; Family Violence; Support Services for Parents; Community Policing
Teaching: Youth Crime and Justice; Family Violence; Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods; Realist Crime Theories; Imprisonment

Professor Tim Hope (Chair in Criminology)
Research interests: Crime Prevention and Community Safety; Victimology; Policing; Quantitative Criminology
Teaching: Criminological Thought; Crime Prevention; Victimology

Dr Jo Milner (Lecturer in Sociology [Human Rights])

Research interests: International Equality Law; Assisted Dying; Human Rights
Teaching: Human Rights; Social Justice; Disability

Dr Tina Patel (Lecturer in Criminology)

Research interests: ‘Race’ and Racism; Counter-Terror Surveillance
Teaching: Racialised Crime; Violence; Moral Panics and Representations of Crime; Criminological Theory; Qualitative Research Methods

Dr Rob Philburn (Lecturer in Sociology)
Research interests: Conversational Interaction; Face and Facework; Stigma
Teaching: Social Interaction; Ethnography; Conversation Analysis; Sociology of Erving Goffman

Dr Muzammil Quraishi (Senior Lecturer in Criminology)
Research interests: Religion & Racism; Transnational Criminology; Muslims, Islam & Crime
Teaching: Racism, Intersectionality & Crime, Criminal Justice

Professor Greg Smith (Professor of Sociology)
Research interests: Goffman; Interaction Sociology; Ethnography; Visual Sociology
Teaching: Sociological Theory; Embodiment; Identities and Interactions; Visual Representation