Drama Translation in the Age of Globalisation: Paradoxes and Paradigms

Call for Papers for symposium to be held at The University of Salford on 6 March 2013

The reflexion on drama translation resonates with the theme of ‘Memory, Text and Place’ identified by the University of Salford as one of the strategic interdisciplinary themes. The proposed symposium is expected to be of particular interest to researchers and practitioners within the field of drama translation, translation studies, cultural studies, drama, performing arts and visual culture. We would especially welcome papers from drama translators of minority languages or cultures, and from researchers with insights into the way the discourse of translation and intercultural studies, in the age of globalisation, might impact on and shape the production of foreign plays in translation.

Within a global context, the symposium will propose to debate (but is not restricted to) the following themes:

  • Questions relating to the issues of minority voices and cultures in drama translation
  • Issues of power, patronage and authority in drama translation
  • Modes of production and dissemination of translated drama texts
  • Scholarly inquiry into drama translation
  • Historiography of drama translation
  • Sociology of drama translation
  • Plays as artefacts of cultural memory
  • Drama translation as a testing ground for (inter)disciplinary paradigms

Invited speakers:
Prof. Adam Versenyi University of North Carolina, USA (editor and founder of The Mercurian. Prof Versenyi is a specialist in South American drama translation)
Dr. Roger Baines, University of East Anglia, is a researcher and translator of drama translation.
Dr. Fred Dalmasso, Worcester University, is a researcher and producer of translated drama.

Abstracts of no more than 300 words to be submitted by 15 November 2012

Please email your abstracts to all three organisers:
Prof Myriam Salama-Carr
Szilvia Naray-Davey
Dr. Sameh Hanna

Advisory board:
Dr Christophe Alix, The University of Hull
Dr Natalia Pikli ELTE, The University of Budapest
Dr Maria Sánchez, The University of Salford School of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences
Prof Allan Williams, The University of Salford School of Music, Media and Performing Arts