Joanne Meredith

Dr Joanne Meredith

Lecturer in Psychology

Office Times

Tuesday 2-3pm

Thursday 1-2pm


Jo is a social, qualitative and media psychologist, who joined the University of Salford in 2015.

After comleting an udergraduate degree at the University of Nottingham, she then went on to complete a Masters in Politics and Social Policy also at Nottingham University. She then completed a Masters in Social Research and her PhD in Social Psychology at Loughborough University.

Her PhD  reseach ocused on analysing instant message interactions between friends, and specifically the way in which the medium itself impacted upon the interaction.Following the compltion of her PhD Jo taught psychology and qualitative methods at Loughborough University and the University of Manchester.

Jo is broadly interested in communication, and predominately uses discource and conversation analysis to analyse talk and text. Such methods can be applied to a variety of topics, and Jo has a particular interest in political and scientific talk, both online and offline.

Her research has predominantly focused on examining how online communication compares to spoken interaction. She is also interested in developing the use of innovative methods for collecting online and mobile data.




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Further Research Methods

Social Psychology

Media Psycholog

Educational Psychology

Psychology in Contemporary Contexts


Research Methods

Human-Computer Intraction

The Psychology of Media Communication





Research Interests

Discourse, conversation, online interaction, political discourse, social media, qualitative methods, media psychology

Qualifications and Memberships

PhD Social Psycology (Loughbrough University)

MRes Social Research (Loughborogh University)

MA Politics and Social Policy (University of Nottingham)

Assiate Member of the British Psychological Sociey



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