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Professor Penny Cook

Professor in Public Health

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After gaining her PhD from the University of Liverpool (1996), Penny took a Royal Society funded fellowship in Stockholm University. She joined Liverpool John Moores University’s Centre for Public Health in 1998 as a research fellow and was made Reader in Public Health Epidemiology in 2007. Her main role at JMU was researching in sexual health and alcohol harm. She led the regional HIV surveillance system for several years and advised on the Sexual Health and HIV Commissioners Group for England. She carried out research projects funded by primary care trusts, the Department of Health. She has carried out research contributing to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidance on HIV and sexual health. Penny joined the University of Salford in June 2012 and was made Professor in 2013.


Penny teaches on the MSc Public Health programme. She leads a module on Epidemiology and Statistics for Public Health and co-leads Research Methods. She also teaches on her specialist topics of sexual health and alcohol to undergraduates and postgraduates.

Research Interests

Penny’s main research interests are in the areas of sexual health, alcohol harm and health inequalities, predominantly using quantitative epidemiological methods. She is part of a team that supervises a thriving community of PhD students, and would welcome applications from students on topics related to her areas of interest.

Qualifications and Memberships

BSc (hons)


Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health



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