Professor Lindsey Dugdill

Professor of Public Health

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Lindsey is Professor in Public Health, and formerly Associate Dean (Research) at University of Salford. Her PhD focused on the development and evaluation of workplace health interventions and she published work on health evaluation in the workplace for the World Health Organisation (1999; 2001). Lindsey was also research advisor to the “Health at Work in the NHS programme” with the Health Development Agency (1994-2000). She has contributed to national expert groups such as Department of Health Obesity Task Force (2005) and CMO task group on Physical Activity (2012). She led a review of the evidence regarding workplace physical activity interventions for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE, 2007) and was a member of the NICE Programme Development Group for Children’s Physical Activity guidelines (2009). She has also worked as a panel member with the National Obesity Observatory (2008-2012) in support of the production of Standard Evaluation Frameworks for evaluating obesity, physical activity and nutrition interventions.

She has managed research grants over £2.5 million in total and currently is a co-editor for the International Journal of Workplace Health Management. She has undertaken several commissioned evaluations of exercise referral programmes in the North West of England working with both patients and health professionals (2005-2007). She was also commissioned by Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust to audit their physical activity services (2009-2010). She recently completed a large, 4 year study evaluating the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of Free Swimming in Wigan Borough, in collaboration with the University of Leeds. Her particular methodological expertise is in the evaluation of interventions using mixed methodology and published a book in 2009 entitled; Dugdill L, Crone D and Graham R (eds) (2009) 'Physical Activity and Health Promotion: Evidence-based Approaches to Practice.' Wiley-Blackwells.


MSc Public Health

MSc Vocational Rehabilitation

Research Interests

  • Evaluation of public health interventions including physical activity interventions, obesity related interventions.
  • Workplace health development.
  • Child and family health.

Qualifications and Memberships

1986:     B.A. (Hons) Zoology, University of Oxford.

1990:     M.A., University of Oxford.

1991:     M.Phil. Exercise Physiology, University of Nottingham.

2001:     Ph.D. Health Promotion, Liverpool John Moores University.


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