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Qualifying as a Radiographer in 1995, I progressed into the field of mammography in 1999 and quickly developed into the role of Advanced Practitioner, undertaking breast interventional procedures, followed by a Superintendent role in breast services in 2005. I completed my MSc, with distinction, in Advanced Medical Imaging in 2011 at the University of Salford and continued my research work progressing to complete my PhD by published works in 2015. During this time I was the Lead Radiographer/Programme Manager for Breast Imaging at the Nightingale Centre & Genesis Prevention Centre at the University Hospital of South Manchester.

My PhD research work was centred on breast compression during mammography and I have published several peer reviewed papers in this field and presented my work within several key conferences. Some outcomes of this research have been published in an academic mammography book ‘Digital Mammography – A Holistic Approach’ (Hogg, P., Kelly, J., Mercer, C. 2015) which I was involved as co-editor together with co-authorship of one chapter.

In August 2015 I was appointed Lecturer in the School of Health Sciences and am now progressing my Post-Doctoral research in the same field working with international colleagues on two key research projects focusing on breast compression and practitioner variability. 




·         Module Leader Fundamentals of Mammography Practice and Advanced Techniques in Mammography Practice

·         Specialist Lead Fundamentals of Radiological Reporting and Radiology Image Interpretation


Supporting the Undergraduate Radiography Degree Programme

Research Interests

Standardisation of breast compression in mammography

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BSc(Hons), MSc, PhD

HCPC, Society of Radiographers




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