Running Performance Clinic

The University of Salford’s new running performance clinic is aimed at recreational runners who want to learn more about their running style and how to improve it.

We believe a good running style can contribute to a speedier recovery time for running related injuries, to a reduction in the risk of future running-related injuries and to improved running performance. 

See our introductory video below for an idea of what to expect from the service 


Our Service Offers

  • Full 3D running gait analysis using 16 Oqus 3D cameras with specially developed software to give a full 3D representation of your running biomechanics
  • Physiotherapy assessment of strength, flexibility and muscle balance
  • Comparison of your running style against the gait characteristics of the elite runners on our database (see below)
  • A personalised exercise programme, based on our findings and focused on the specific aspects of your gait which we identify to be problem areas
  • Follow up 3D running gait analysis and assessment to understand how you’re getting on and whether you need further advice.

We are currently the only gait analysis service in Manchester which can provide state-of-the-art 3D running gait assessment.

Furthermore, we are currently the only running injury clinic in the UK which offers a complete 3D motion analysis of the feet, legs, pelvis and spine during running.

Introductory offer

£215 which includes 2 x 3D assessments and a clinical examination(lasting 2 hours). You will then get a  and a personalised exercise programme for you to do at home and a follow-up assessment (another 2 hours) after you have been doing the exercise programme for 4-8 weeks.

Alternatively, for £155 we offer a single assessment (lasting 2 hours) which includes a 3D assessment, clinical examination and also a personalised exercise programme.