Designing for health

Wellness Works, as part of the University of Salford, has a wealth of academic expertise, knowledge and resources, allowing for the continual development and design of health technologies and healthy buildings. These ground breaking developments are utilised to enhance and expand the services available to companies to address their health needs.

Healthy buildings

The workplace plays a key role in determining our physical activity by creating environments that influence our activity levels. Through the use of architectural design, refurbishment and facility management, organisations have the opportunity to address this and ultimately promote employee health.  The Wellness Works team has developed tools to evaluate and promote ‘physical activity friendly’ buildings. Together with the Building Evaluation Tool, Wellness Works can help organisations design cutting edge ‘physical activity friendly’ buildings.

Digital health solutions

Technology to measure and promote health

The University has extensive experience in designing and implementing innovative technologies that can measure and promote health and wellbeing, such as activity monitoring. The Wellness Works team work in partnership with manufacturers and the corporate sector to advise on how these technologies can be developed and adapted for the workplace.