Organisational needs analysis

Wellness Works' unique, evidence-based analysis tools ensure that the products provided meet the individual needs of organisations, maximising return-on-investments.

Organisational health and wellbeing assessment

This organisational needs analysis aids decision making when targeting investment, acting as a practical tool to identify areas of good practice, as well as any gaps relating to healthy workplace practice.   It broadens the understanding of the health and wellbeing challenges specific to individual organisations:

  • Physical and mental wellbeing of employees
  • Physical environment
  • Leadership and management

Employee health and wellbeing assessment

This assessment identifies key issues affecting organisations’ employee health and wellbeing, helping companies to understand their needs and priorities.

Stress profiling

Stress profiling assists in identifying those individuals who are at risk of stress related sickness absence and have abnormal stress levels. It also helps organisations identify the root cause of workplace stress and identify ‘hot spots’ within the organisation.

Environmental / building evaluation

This tool helps businesses to identify facilitators of, and barriers to, the promotion of physical activity within the workplace and suggests solutions that will address these problems.