Client Case Studies

Cathy Connett, Sports Injury Rehabilitation Clinic user

Hear from Cathy below on her experience using our Sports Injury Clinic. 

Why did you use the sports injury clinic?

I've had grumbling arthritis pains in my hands and knees in the background for some years. I'd been very physically active - walking to and from work each day, walking two to three times a week with the Walking Club, including fell walking; and regular swimming. However, I began suffering with terrible lower joint pain around four years ago (hips, knees, thighs, shins etc.) I found all exercise painful and began avoiding more and more things, as I found pretty much everything provoked my pain!

Around three years ago I found I was unable to weight bear with terrible joint pain and had to take prescribed strong painkillers to keep me functioning. I mobilised with two crutches ever since.

About a year ago I began attending the Salford Sports Rehab Clinic.

Why did you choose to use this particular clinic here at Salford?

I live in Salford and work at the Salford Royal hospital so the Sports Rehab Clinic at Salford was very handy in terms of location. The clinic at The University of Salford was recommended to me by a friend and I am very glad I took her up on this recommendation!

How did you find the service at Salford?

I was virtually a cripple to begin with, mobilising on two crutches and I could hardly take two steps unaided! The staff and students were wonderful and put me at my ease. They regularly assessed me and kept me informed all the way through the examinations. I received massage, which 'woke up' my wasted muscles and they gave me exercises which enabled me to mobilise a tiny bit better each visit. I was eventually able to go into the gym and use the treadmill, gently and gingerly, for a short session each week. I was also able to use the leg resistance machines for a short while. This hands on physio treatment enabled me to increase my exercise tolerance.  

It put my brain back in touch with my muscles. Previously my legs had felt like they didn't belong to me anymore. Then I got control back and I can't describe how good it felt being able to exercise again!

Are you needing further treatment?

I'm continuing to attend the Sports Rehab Clinic, usually weekly, and look forward very much to my sessions. A good massage, then a session in the gym, supervised by the students and tutors, and building up my exercise tolerance all the time. My confidence grew so much that recently I finally agreed with my surgeon to let him replace both my hips. Unfortunately after the surgery I'm left with a leg length discrepancy, however the Sports Rehab Team are helping me with that also, strengthening exercises etc. The 'aftercare' from the Sports Rehab Clinic has been wonderful and I can now walk unaided indoors for a moment or two. I still use two crutches outdoors to keep me steady for the time being.  I'm increasing my exercise tolerance as each week goes by and hopefully I'll be able to walk without crutches eventually. I still attend hydrotherapy, self-management.  I'm returning to work, part-time, later this week.  

Would you recommend the clinic to others?

I would definitely recommend the clinic to others, I can't praise highly enough the students and tutors and the support they have given me in helping me to get my life back. Once again I feel I can be a useful employee and a useful member of society.Thank you so much!