Overview of our service

You will be given a personalised programme of exercises which is designed around the findings of both a biomechanical gait assessment and a clinical examination.

Biomechanical and clinical assessment

The biomechanical assessment looks at the movement of your feet, legs, pelvis and spine whilst you run on a treadmill and is carried out using state-of-the-art 3D gait analysis technology.

gait analysis

The clinical examination complements the biomechanical assessment and evaluates strength, flexibility and muscle balance.

The results of both of these two tests are compared to our database of elite runners to identify aspects of your gait which may be contributing to running injury and/or to limitations on your running performance.

Personalised exercise programme

Once this comparison has been made, one of our physiotherapists will develop a personalised exercise programme focused around the problem areas identified in the report.

At your initial appointment the physiotherapist will go through your biomechanical and clinical data and explain why the specific exercises have been chosen. The physiotherapist will then carefully go through each of the exercises and may also provide you with personalised online videos to guide you at home.

This service has been developed from research into running gait carried out at the University of Salford.

This research aims to understand the 3D motion of the spine, pelvis and legs during running and also to identify the characteristics of running gait which the elite runners on our database have.

The Physiotherapy and Podiatry departments at the University have a long track record of success in helping individuals improve their mobility, including a successful research programme in gait biomechanics.