Our research

Overview of our research

We have team of researchers and Ph.D. students who are investigating the biomechanics of running and mechanism which underlie common running injuries. For these projects we are using a range of different techniques. This include electromyography (EMG), in which electrodes are used to measure muscle coordination, 3D motion capture, which is used to quantify precise body movements and also mathematical modelling, which is helping us to develop insight into the fundamental mechanisms which underlie efficient running. We are also working with a local company, Smartlife, who specialise in wearable technology to understand how to monitor running performance under real-world conditions.

Recent research

Our recently published work has investigated, and proposed an explanation for the full 3D motion of the pelvis and spine during running and also characterised the differences between elite and recreational runners. This work identified that elite runners run with a more erect posture, especially at higher speeds, than low performing athletes.

Figure 1

Get involved in our research

We are currently looking for volunteers to take part in a project investigating muscle activation patterns during running (see below for more details):

This project is aimed at testing the degree of consistency of EMG muscle measurements and as part of this study, we will be showing volunteers how their leg muscle activate as they run. We are looking for recreational runners who are between 18-50 years old with no history of injury and be able to run at least 5 miles per week. Volunteers will required to come to the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Salford to on two different occasions. During this assessment we will monitor the activation of your leg muscles as you run on a treadmill and then over ground.

Please contact us if you might be interested in taking part. All information remains confidential. Although we can’t offer payment for participation, we can reimburse reasonable travel expenses.

For more information, please contact Walaa Elsais on 07490323915 or email: w.m.e.elsais@salford.ac.uk