How do we assess your running gait?

When you come for an assessment, small reflective markers will be placed on your legs, pelvis and spine. After warming up, you will then run on a treadmill at three different speeds whilst we collect 3D data.

Our gait analysis technician will then produce a detailed biomechanical report which compares your movement patterns with those observed in the elite runners on our database. This report will detail specific aspects of your gait which need to be addressed through an appropriate exercise programme.

As well as looking at the motion of your legs during running, our system is set up to quantify the full 3D motion of your pelvis, lower back and upper back.

Our research has highlighted that recreational athletes often have asymmetric movement of their spine during running and we often prescribe core exercises to help improve this.

We are currently the only service in the UK offering 3D running analysis of the feet, legs, pelvis and spine.