Compare yourself to an elite athlete

It is obvious when you look at an elite runner that they move with a style and grace which you don’t see in the average recreational runner.

We believe a good running style can contribute to a speedier recovery time for running related injuries, to a reduction in the risk of future running-related injuries and to improved running performance and our aim is to help recreational runners work towards improving their running style.

From our studies of the gait characteristics of elite runners we have created a database to capture them. This database is in the process of development and will continue to grow as we study more elite runners over time.

We define an 'elite runner' as somebody who can run 10Km in fewer than 35 minutes, although many of the runners on our database can run this distance in fewer than 30 minutes.

With our unique assessment approach, we produce a detailed gait report which the physiotherapist uses to understand how your gait characteristics differ from those on our database of elite runners.

This information is then used as the starting point for developing your own personalised exercise programme.