Success for Podiatry

National recognition for contribution to the profession


Dr Anita Williams and Dr Andrew Findlow have been awarded the prestigious Fellowship Award from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Faculty of Podiatric Medicine.

This award identifies podiatrists who are at the top of their profession in relation to their clinical and academic work aligned to medicine and their national/international profiles as leaders in the profession. Established in 2012, the Faculty of Podiatric Medicine is the first within a UK medical Royal College. It acknowledges the breadth and depth of Podiatric Medicine and recognises there is an opportunity to further enhance podiatric care in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Anita was awarded the fellowship for her clinical, research and educational work within the international field of podiatry and rheumatology, focussing on patient perspectives of foot health interventions. Anita said ‘… the results of all this work has to lead to improvements in foot health for people with long term disabling conditions, the services that deliver it and the foot health interventions themselves. I have had the opportunity to contribute to several national guidelines which have driven changes within clinical practice. Also, being able to influence the profession through embedding this knowledge into undergraduate podiatry programme ensures that the students are learning contemporary research and the knowledge that emerges from it. Being awarded the fellowship is a personal honour but will also provide me with opportunity to support future developments in the profession’. 

Andrew has made a significant contribution to the podiatry profession through his clinical, research and teaching roles specialising in the management of people with limb threatening conditions such as diabetes and vascular disease. He is an active researcher and this is a predominant part of his career including being two research fellow positions with Professor Andrew Boulton in the UK and Professor David Armstrong in the United States. He is widely published across a range of podiatric practice and has presented at many national and international conferences.

The podiatry programme has two other fellows Dr Jane McAdam for her national work to support professional development in podiatry and raise the profile of podiatric research and Dr Farina Hashmi for her work in foot skin research and technology……. who were awarded in their Fellowships in 2013 and 2012 respectively

Dr Jane McAdam, Director of Prosthetics & Orthotics and Podiatry said ‘…..These awards are a reflection on the quality of our teaching and research academics and really sets the podiatry programme here as ‘world class’.

The college now runs the only podiatric medicine examination and qualification offered by a medical Royal College. Both Anita and Andrew have contributed to the standards and assessments for entry into the college by members of the podiatry profession. Information on the fellowship can be found at