Podiatry Clinic

Under the supervision of fully trained academic staff our students use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to provide a wide range of treatments. Our podiatry clinic can help with foot problems in children, nail surgery for an ingrowing toe nail, biomechanical issues, foot-related sports injuries and can even modify or create bespoke orthoses.

Our academics are all experts within the field of podiatry, two of which have recently been awarded the prestigious Fellowship Award from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Faculty of Podiatric Medicine.


Clinics open to everyone

The clinic has been designed to give our students hands on experience, performed under the supervision of highly experienced clinical members of staff from the Directorate of Podiatry.

We are located in the Allerton building on the Frederick Road Campus and any member of the public is free to make an appointment.

For appointments call 0161 295 2205 between 9.00am - 4.30pm.

Podiatry Assessment and Management

The assessment and management clinic can be attended by anyone in need of essential foot care – you may have painful pressure lesions or just be unable to care for your feet. At the clinic you will be given a full assessment and treated accordingly.

Services Opening Times Fee
Podiatry Assessment and Management Monday – Friday: 9.00am - 4.00pm  £10.00*

*Please note your first visit assessment costs £15  


Nail surgery

This may be necessary for an ingrown or deformed nail that is causing discomfort and other methods have not been successful at resolving the problem.

A comprehensive assessment is made prior to surgery, with follow up care and dressings to promote wound healing, pain relief and resolution of the problem.

Services Opening Times Fee
Nail Surgery Wednesday mornings £30.00

Gait Analysis and assessment of sports injuries        

Athletes or people who enjoy sports can sometimes experience recurring painful problems due to biomechanical abnormalities. Our gait analysis clinic will assess and analyse your gait and, if necessary, fit orthoses to help balance your body.

Services Opening Times Fees
Sports Injuries Assessment and Management Monday Afternoons: 1.00pm - 4.00pm Up to £28 depending on treatment


Running performance clinic

This service offers a full 3D assessment of your running gait and provides you with a report comparing your gait to that of an elite athlete. Based on the findings, you will be given a customised exercise programme, by a qualified physiotherapist, which is aimed at improving your running style.

Services Opening Times Fees
Running and Performance Clinic
(Full 3D Gait Assessment)
Monday and Wednesday evenings: 4.00pm - 8.00pm £175 for a one-off assessment

Orthoses management and provision

Orthoses are in-shoe devices that help to balance the way a person walks or runs. We can provide bespoke or modified orthoses for many conditions.

Services Opening Times Fee
Orthoses Provision and Management Clinic days vary - please call for an appointment £18.00 - £60.00 per pair

Podo-paediatrics – Bio-mechanical assessment of children's feet

Foot problems in children can present with gait problems, for example, out-toeing or a lack of coordination, which may be related to abnormal foot function. Exercise induced pains in the leg and foot can also be associated with foot function. This clinic offers screening and management for any leg, foot or gait problems in children.

Services Opening Times Fee
Podo-Paediatrics – Bio Mechanical Assessment of Children's Feet Monday mornings: 9.00am - 12.00pm Orthoses provision - £35.00

Facilities hire

If you are interested in hiring these facilities, then please contact us by email or call 0161 295 2205.