Cycle Specific Power Tests

Cycling power test in progress using a Lode Excalibur test bikeWe are also able to offer specific tests of power output relating to cycling. Many riders now use power meters as their primary method of gauging training intensity thresholds, often in conjunction with heart rate monitors. Using a high quality cycle ergometer (Lode Excalibur) we will undertake either a Functional Threshold Power or Maximal Aerobic Power tests, based on your needs.

The Functional Threshold Power test is, simply, the maximum power you can sustain for an hour of riding. This test is an excellent indicator of overall capacity of your body to undertake very high intensity work. Many elite riders use these values to measure progress and create individualised training intensities. Following a warm-up specific to your needs, you will then undertake a sustained very high intensity ride for 20 minutes. This 20 minute period will be tough, and results are then used to predict your one hour performance, and subsequent training zones.

A Maximal Aerobic Power test is similar to the classic VO2max. Starting at a low intensity, the test will become increasingly harder every 1-2 minutes until you can no longer continue. The final minute value that is achieved is then used to calculate your maximal aerobic power value. Many riders then use percentages of this value to determine training thresholds, and also generate a cycling-specific VO2max value.

Both of these tests are commonly used in all performance populations. However, these are designed for use by healthy populations, and a pre-test screening is essential to ensure you are ready to cope with the demands of the tests.

Cycling Specific Power Test