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Exercise Physiology testPrice
Lactate threshold£100
Maximal oxygen uptake£80
Running economy£80
Functional threshold power£80
Maximal aerobic power£80

Service availability

Service is offered on the first Wednesday and third Monday of each month, with the first appointment available at 4.00pm, last at 7.00pm. Additional dates may sometimes be offered.

Pre-test screening

Please note that all potential clients are required to complete a Physical Activity Readiness questionnaire prior to visiting the lab to ensure eligibility for completing any of the exercise tests. Some underlying conditions can mean that one is not eligible to perform certain tests. In some cases aletter will be required by a potential client’s GP to confirm their eligibility.


Please contact Steve Horton, at, who will ring you back to discuss making an appointment. Alternatively you can ring Steve on 0161 295 2699

Once you have made your appointment, you will need to go the University of Salford online shop where you can make the payment for the service.

View sample report

Please see an example of a report from the Exercise Physiology testing.