State-of-the-Art Facilities

The School of Health Sciences is home to state-of-the-art facilities which enable students to practice new skills in a safe environment under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

CT ScannerDigital Imaging Suite

We recently invested £500,000 in a new CT scanner, two new x-ray rooms and digital technology. You will also have access to digital mammography viewers, mobile fluoroscopy and a suite of dedicated ultrasound units.

Human Performance LabHuman Performance Lab and Strength and Conditioning Suite

Our purpose-built lab is one of the best in the country, with an extensive range of biomechanical/ physiological equipment, SUCCESS fitness testing and strength and conditioning suite.

Podiatry ClinicPodiatry Clinic

Our Podiatry Clinic is open to the public. We can help with foot problems in children, nail surgery for an ingrowing toe nail, biomechanical issues, foot-related sports injuries and can even modify or create bespoke orthoses.

Podiatry ClinicProsthetics and Orthotics Laboratory

The School is home to clinic rooms and a custom-designed workshop used for prosthetics and orthotics. The workshop includes a well-equipped machine room with CADCAM facilities and plaster room.

Psychology LabPsychology Labs

The Psychology Lab contains a wide range of equipment including a Tobii x50 eye tracker, video game analysis laboratory, a dedicated computer suite and an observation suite with two-way mirror.

Gait LabSports Injury Clinic

Open to the public our Sports Injury Clinic offers a range of rehabilitation services including a Gait Analysis Clinic

Occupational TherapyRehabilitation Flat

The rehabilitation flat has a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom with a range of equipment to demonstrate the way in which an occupational therapist may assist a client.

Running ClinicRunning Performance Clinic

The performance clinic is a service for runners who want help recovering from an running injury, want to stay injury free or want to improve the way they run.