Vaccinations & immunisation

The Department of Health states in the “Immunisation Against Infectious Disease” (Green Book 2006) that all health care workers including students are at risk from exposure to hazardous substances including pathogens.  You have a duty of care to protect  patients, colleagues and yourself by completing any required courses of vaccinations, to ensure you are immunised in accordance with the recommendations from the Department of Health.

If you do not complete any stage of your vaccination program i.e. Hepatitis B, your Fitness to Practice certificate may be withdrawn / suspended.

If you are given an appointment, it is imperative that you attend. If you do not attend your appointment, a letter will be sent to your tutors regarding your non-attendance.

If you are on placement or attending lectures at the time of your appointment, please show your letter to your mentor / tutor, who will allow you time  to attend.

Requesting Immunisation History

If you need a copy of your vaccination history you can request via Salford Online Shop. There is a fee of £25.

On receipt of your request we aim to process it within 10 working days.

If you require a copy of your Immunisation history for placement please contact Student Occupational Health.