United National Institute for Prosthetics & Orthotics Development (UNIPOD)

The prosthetics and orthotics division at the University of Salford (UNIPOD) focuses on assistive devices for limb absence and limbs.

Funded by the NHS Strategic Health Authority it is the only prosthetics and orthotics higher education provider in England, providing undergraduate education for England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and international students.  It is responsible for the highest number of prosthetics and orthotics graduates per year in the UK.

Its work includes teaching, research and enterprise and is collaboratively linked with clinical, industrial and other academic partners for the development of future professionals and the production of clinically relevant research.

UNIPOD’s position as leaders in prosthetics and orthotics developments is well founded. Many graduates are now leaders in the profession, both nationally and internationally, with many peer-reviewed journal publications and conference abstracts published globally by the large postgraduate community and supervisory team.


With multi-national experts from a variety of backgrounds, UNIPOD’s education provision extends beyond the undergraduate levels, and includes postgraduate UK and international students undertaking Masters or Doctoral research degrees. Postgraduate research and enterprise is mostly supported through close collaboration with clinic-based professional partners, the industry, and a worldwide network of experts and institutions.

The word UNIPOD, defined as a one-legged support is also a synonym that reflects core P&O work, namely assistive devices for limbs and limb absence.


  • Mr John Head - HND/DipOPTEC (Prosthet), BSc (Hons) (Tel: 0161 295 2303)
  • Dr Glyn Heath - HND/DipOPTEC (Prosthet & Orthot), BSc (Hons), PhD  (Tel: 0161 295 2279)
  • Dr Steve Hutchins - HND/DipOPTEC (Orthot), MSc, PhD  (Tel: 0161 295 2320)
  • Dr Richard Jones - BSc (Hons – Sport Medicine), PgCert, MSc, PhD (Tel: 0161 295 2295)
  • Mr Mark McAloon - HND/DipOPTEC (Orthot), PgCert, MRes  (Tel: 0161 295 2695)
  • Dr Martin Twiste - BSc (Hons – Prosthet & Orthot), PgCert, MSc, PhD  (Tel: 0161 295 7029)
  • Ms Elaine Washington - HND/DipOPTEC (Prosthet), BSc (Hons), MSc (Tel:  0161 295 2311)
  • Mr Joe Wilkinson HD (Prosthet & Orthot), MSc (Tel: 0161 295 2287)