TrainOrthot: Trans-national on-line course to provide specific vocational training to professionals on the treatment of foot pathologies

TrainOrthot's main objective is to create and validate a transnational e-learning training offer, tailored to meet the educational needs of the foot orthopaedic sector in different European countries by adapting and transferring the results obtained in a previous Research & Development (R & D) project, INNOFOOT (Innovative Treatment of Foot Disorders COLL-CT-2006-030468). INNOFOOT generated training materials with a generic syllabus not specifically addressed to the particular professional profiles of different countries.

TrainOrthot will create and validate four courses adapted to Slovakians, Czechs, Spaniards and English professionals in the Foot Orthopaedic Sector and Vocational Training students to facilitate the access to the life-long learning. Researchers from the participating R & D centres will act as course tutors, bridging the gap between R & D's and companies (especially SME's), regarding emerging technologies and innovative materials.

The role of the University of Salford is to be responsible for an audit in four countries (Slovakia, Czechoslovakia, Spain and the UK) to identify their training needs and to develop the on-line training packages to be suitable for each country. Salford’s role is also to undertake a pilot study in the UK on the training packages.

The academic representing the University of Salford in the project is Dr Stephen Hutchins, Senior lecturer in Orthotics.

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With the support of a Leonardo da Vinci grant, part of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.

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