University launches 3D running performance clinic

Monday 6 January 2014

The University of Salford has launched a new clinic which uses 3D technology to help amateur runners learn how to run more like elite athletes.

The clinic uses 3D cameras to track the motion of reflective markers attached to the legs, pelvis and spine as a person runs. A detailed report is used to understand how their gait differs from an elite athlete, and a physiotherapist develops a personalised exercise programme to improve their performance.

The technology is very different to the 2D video-based approach in some running clinics which does not convey the complex coordination of the different body parts, and may not pick up the subtle differences in movement which can cause an injury or reduce running efficiency.

Dr Steve Preece of the University’s School of Health Sciences said: “By learning how to run more like top athletes, runners can reduce their risk of injury and improve race times. The clinic can also help people to recover from running-related injuries.”

To launch the service, a discounted offer of £175 includes two 3D assessments, time with a physiotherapist to develop a customised programme of exercise, and a follow-up session.

For more information, contact Chris Bramah at or call 07807 292409.