Learn to run like a top athlete at 3D running clinic

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Last week running clubs from across Greater Manchester were treated to a free demonstration of the University of Salford’s 3D running clinic - one of only five in the world.

Ten local running clubs were invited to test out the new clinic which is unique to the North of England. It uses 3D cameras to track the motion of reflective markers attached to the legs, pelvis and spine as a person runs.  

They were given a talk about the University’s world-leading biomechanics research and the techniques being developed to help amateurs run faster while reducing the risk of long-term injury. There was a technical demonstration of the clinic’s 3D gait analysis technology and the drills used by elite athletes to improve performance.

Michael Sharp from Blackburn Runners said: “The clinic was fantastic. Comparing the differences between elite level professional athletes and recreational runners was really informative.

“The 3D gait analysis exposed all of my problems related to injuries, and I was given a set of drills and exercises to correct them.”

Eileen Royle, a coach at Running Fitness, said: “I would definitely recommend the clinic to a runner for injury solutions and performance improvement. The results of the analysis are unique to each individual and the solutions tailor-made.”

Dr Steve Preece of the University’s School of Health Sciences said: “Every runner can benefit from a 3D biomechanical assessment and personalised training programme.

“By learning how to run more like top athletes, runners can improve race times and recover more quickly from running-related injuries. I’m pleased that so many running clubs took part in the event.”

For more information about the clinic and its introductory offers, contact Chris Bramah at healthcare-runningclinic@salford.ac.uk or call 07807 292409.