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Renal Unit (Haemodialysis) - SRFTP 21

Placement Overview

Placement Title Renal Unit (Haemodialysis) - SRFTP 21
Your Placement Contact Faith Mapfeka - Send Email
Placement Contact's Role

Placement Address Hope Hospital, Stott Lane, Salford, M6 8HD
Placement City/Town: Salford
Placement Phone 0161 206 5229/5228
Your University Contact: Lesley Lappin - Send Email

About this placement

What is organised for students on commencement of placement?

Students are enabled to familiarise themselves with the clinical area and staff. Set objectives and learning outcomes.

What are the arrangements for mentors/assessors?

Mentors/assessors are allocated prior to student arrival.

What shift patterns are students allocated for learning?


7am - 6pm or 7am - 3pm


11.30am -10.30pm or 2.30pm -10.30pm


Shift Notes:

Early half day: 7am - 1pm

What patient care situations are available in this placement?

Students can gain experience caring for patients with chronic renal failure due a variety of causes.

What nursing model is used for planning care?

Orem's Model. The ward philosophy is based on this model, where the role of the nurse is seen as being to provide assistance to influence patient's development in achieving an optimal level of self-care.

What core clinical skills can be learnt?

  • Cannulation -fistula (observe) Venepuncture; commencing and discontinuing dialysis.
  • Observations -temperature, pulse, blood pressure/dialysis machine

What additional clinical skills can be learnt?

Care of access - dressing lines for dialysis. Cannulation fistula /grafts; insertion of lines by medical staff.

What resources are available to help students learning?

Library with various books and literature.

What research and practice development activities are being undertaken?

Catheter insertion audit in progress.

Spoke Placements

Additional Information

Students on placement can expect to undertake a rotational experience in different areas of the renal service. For example, over an 8-week period they would spend time in G3; haemodialysis unit; community; renal high dependency unit.

Learning opportunities include: attending pre-dialysis clinic; visit satellite unit at Prestwich; attend multi-disciplinary meetings; attend theatre re. vascular surgery; home visits with community team.

Practice Education Facilitator - Mike Hollinshead - Pre-Registration Practice Education Facilitator, Learning & Development Dept, 2nd Floor, Mayo Building, SRFT

t: 0161 206 3210