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Moorside Ward - PCRP 8

Placement Overview

Placement Title Moorside Ward - PCRP 8
Your Placement Contact Natasha Meredith - Send Email
Placement Contact's Role

Placement Address John Elliot Unit, Birch Rd, Birchill Hospital, Rochdale, OL12 9QB
Placement City/Town: Rochdale
Placement Phone 01706 754367
Your University Contact: Suzanne King - Send Email

About this placement

What is organised for students on commencement of placement?

On commencement of placement, students will meet with their mentor and be introduced to the ward environment and the nursing team.

Students will be provided with an information booklet explaining the ward philosophy and the roles of the nursing team.

Initial, mid-point and final assessment dates will be arranged within the first week of placement.

What are the arrangements for mentors/assessors?

Students will be allocated a mentor/associate mentor prior to starting placement.

What shift patterns are students allocated for learning?


07:30 - 15:00


13:30 - 21:00


20:45 - 07:45

Shift Notes:

Students will be expected to work week-end shifts and if applicable nights.

Students will complete a 37.5 hour week and be required to work a minimum of three shifts with their mentor.

The current shift pattern includes three early shifts and two late shifts per week.

What patient care situations are available in this placement?

Patients will be admitted to Moorside Ward for a variety of psychiatric reasons. These will generally include depression, bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia. The John Elliot Unit is also a designated place of safety for people on a Section 136.

What nursing model is used for planning care?

Moorside Ward works within a biopsychosocial intervention framework. We adopt a solution-focused approach with clients as individuals, ensuring a commitment to care, enabling recovery; and promoting social inclusion.

What core clinical skills can be learnt?

Students will experience a variety of clinical skills. This will include:

  • The administration of medication, completing admissions, discharges and referrals to external agencies.
  • Conducting physical observations, e.g. Blood pressure, pulse, temperature, blood glucose monitoring, etc.
  • Attending weekly ward round reviews with consultants and junior doctors.
  • Initial assessment and interviewing skills.
  • Developing therapeutic skills with patients.

What additional clinical skills can be learnt?

All aspects of care associated with the assessment, planning, implementing and evaluation of nursing care.

What resources are available to help students learning?

Moorside Ward is currently being renovated. In the near future there will be a student resource room, teaching aids, information, books and access to a computer.

What research and practice development activities are being undertaken?

Spoke Placements

Spoke placements can be undertaken whilst on placement. Areas include Treatment Support, Alcohol/drug service, Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team, Clozaril Clinic and ECT.

Additional Information

Pennine Care Mental Health NHS Trust (R/dale Site, Birch Hill Hospital, Moorside, Union Road, Rochdale, OL12 9QB