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Sudden CMHT - PCRP 10

Placement Overview

Placement Title Sudden CMHT - PCRP 10
Your Placement Contact Hayley McLellan, Heidi Maloney - Send Email
Placement Contact's Role

Placement Address Sudden Resource Centre, Silk Street, Rochdale, OL11 3EU
Placement City/Town: Rochdale
Placement Phone 01706 676600
Your University Contact: Suzanne King - Send Email

About this placement

What is organised for students on commencement of placement?

  • Depot Clinics - Ward rounds/communication i.e. the inpatient service
  • Case Management - Working with all members of the MDT, support worker, ASW's SW's
  • Holistic Assessments
  • Medication Management
  • Team Working
  • MDT - CPA meeting
  • Spoke Placements/Access to various services used by CMHT, ASW's
  • Students will also work with Social Workers, Therapeutic Interventions.

What are the arrangements for mentors/assessors?

PEL (Practice Education Lead) arranges and Assessor/Mentor on a rotational basis prior to students arriving. If there are any issues a student can be allocated split Mentors.

What shift patterns are students allocated for learning?




Shift Notes:

The team work the hours of 9 - 5 Monday to Friday. We are keen to promote improving working lives policy and some staff work flexible hours. This can be discussed with your mentor.

What patient care situations are available in this placement?

  • Home environments
  • Depot Clinics
  • Groups in the Community.
  • Also Hospital and I.P Care.

What nursing model is used for planning care?

Some CMNN's have PSI training. Currently also adapting the Tidal Model. Mainly Recovery Model.

What core clinical skills can be learnt?

  • Medication Management and Administration Communication Skills
  • Case Management
  • Risk Assessment and Management IT Skills
  • Nursing Process
  • Individual Working
  • Team Working
  • Decision Making
  • Therapeutic Interventions
  • CPA's
  • Basically a multitude of skills.

What additional clinical skills can be learnt?

Included in above

What resources are available to help students learning?

Access of the internet, students can also use the knowledge resources of the MDT, access of books. Students are encouraged to get actively involved with all available at Sudden.

What research and practice development activities are being undertaken?

The service is undergoing considerable development in the way of:- the students can become involved in anything they may be interested in. Currently developing a new Review Team.

Students can also develop their own research interests and are encouraged to present this to the team if they desire to or to smaller groups. This has been very successful in the past.

Spoke Placements

  • Various supported accomodation
  • Alcohol and Drug Services
  • Day Centres
  • Working with ASW's
  • Criminal Justice Mental Health Liaison Team
  • Depot Clinics

Additional Information