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Ward T6 - PAOP 34

Placement Overview

Placement Title Ward T6 - PAOP 34
Your Placement Contact Jennifer Tickle, Jackie Meredith - Send Email
Placement Contact's Role

Ward Sister and Placement Education Lead

Placement Address Royal Oldham Hospital, Rochdale Rd, Oldham, OL1 2JH
Placement City/Town: Oldham
Placement Phone 0161-627-8253/8252
Placement Web Site
Your University Contact: June Rutherford - Send Email

About this placement

What is organised for students on commencement of placement?

  • Supervised practice
  • Welcome pack
  • Supported individual learning needs
  • Valued member of the ward team.

What are the arrangements for mentors/assessors?


Updates and regular mandatory training.

What shift patterns are students allocated for learning?


07:25 - 15:15


13:10 - 21:00


20:45- 7:45

Shift Notes:

Long Day 7:25-21:00

What patient care situations are available in this placement?

All aspects of patient care for surgical patients.

What nursing model is used for planning care?

Roper, Logan and Tierney's Activities of Daily Living.

For short stay patients a Day Surgery Unit Record is used rather than the ADL.

What core clinical skills can be learnt?

Admission process, clinical skills, taught how to manage the Patient Controlled Analgesia equipment (PCA), recording of physiological measurements, urinary catheter care, surgical wound care and the discharge process.

What additional clinical skills can be learnt?

As above - co-ordinator of bay/team/ ward.

What resources are available to help students learning?

E Learning, books, journals and colleagues.

What research and practice development activities are being undertaken?

Regular audits.

Spoke Placements

  • Bed bureau
  • Physio
  • Theatre
  • Any deemed appropriate with mentor.

Additional Information

Updated 22.03.12