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Achieve Salford Recovery Service - GMWP 54

Placement Overview

Placement Title Achieve Salford Recovery Service - GMWP 54
Your Placement Contact Alison Brady - Send Email
Placement Contact's Role

Please note that Achieve Salford Recovery Service have many teams over the Salford area and you can be allocated to any one of them.

Placement Address King Street, Salford, M30 0AE
Placement City/Town: Salford
Placement Phone 0161 358 1530
Your University Contact: Gary Lamph - Send Email

About this placement

What is organised for students on commencement of placement?

There will be a 2-week induction period. Students will be given a Staff Handbook and introduced to the team's policies and procedures.

What are the arrangements for mentors/assessors?

Students are allocated a mentor on arrival. If contact with the service s made beforehand this information maybe available on contact.

What shift patterns are students allocated for learning?




Shift Notes:

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday

What patient care situations are available in this placement?

Experience of a service related to problematic drug and alcohol use.

What nursing model is used for planning care?

  • Harm Reduction Cycle of Change
  • Recovery Model

What core clinical skills can be learnt?

  • Motivational interviewing
  • CBT
  • Drug and alcohol history/assessment
  • North West Mapping or ITEP
  • Care planning process

What additional clinical skills can be learnt?

  • Hepatitis B Vaccination Programme
  • Harm Reduction Philosophies
  • Substitute Prescribing services
  • Home Detox
  • Health Care Assessment
  • Overdose prevention

What resources are available to help students learning?

Drug information resource on unit.

What research and practice development activities are being undertaken?

  • Motivational interviewing
  • CBT
  • Focused Group work
  • Detoxification from drugs and alcohol
  • Audit and research
  • Needle exchange
  • Structured day care

Spoke Placements

Achieve Salford Recovery Service

Please note that only students from in-patient mental health services (e.g Chapman Bakert Unit) will be able to attend Achieve Salford Recovery Service for spoke placements. Students from other areas (including Adult Branch students) should not contact Achieve Salford Recovery Service for spokes.

Additional Information

Achieve Salford Recovery Service (formally Salford Drug andAlcohol Service) brings together people from a range of organisations,backgrounds and experience to deliver services, opportunities, treatments andtherapies for people seeking help in tackling their own drug or alcohol use orthat of a loved one.


Achieve Salford Recovery Service exists to provide advice, support and treatment to individuals, their families, carers and the wider communities to reduce the harms caused by drug and alcohol.

We aim to provide an accessible service to enable individuals to gain control of their lives by improving their physical and mental health.

We recognise that people need to achieve stability in other areas of their lives and actively support them to gain access to housing, education, employment and other support networks.

Through our work with Criminal Justice agencies, we aim to reduce drug related offending and promote safe communities in Salford. Salford Drug and Alcohol service embraces the recovery agenda.