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Travel Office

The core role of the Travel Office is to be the central point of contact for the traveller, the Travel Office will be on hand to confirm all the  travel arrangements throughout the University both domestically and internationally. This includes Flights, Accommodation, Attendance at Conference/Forums/Workshops, UK Rail, International Rail, Transfers in a number of worldwide destinations, Tube tickets, and airport parking.

Travel Office Contact Details:

Available Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm


Tel: 0161 295 6161

The Team:

Lorna Brooke - Travel Manager

Lindsey Johnstone - Travel Assistant

Amy Craven - Travel Assistant

Travel Requests - Getting Started: 

The new Travel & Expense system is located with in (ABW) Agresso and can be accessed on the top toolbar on the  staff homepage ( or if you are off campus through the UoS Portal (

Please read through the Quick Start below which provide all the information you need to process your travel request.

Travel & Expenses Quick Start Guide 

Further training guides are located on Blackboard in the Travel & Expenses Section

If you have used the system before but are not sure on how to complete the form please refer to the one page refresher guide below

Inputting a Travel Request, Refresher Guide

Helpful hints for getting started:

For your Travel Request to process successfully you will need to complete the set up of 'Your Personnel Information' this only needs completing once and will take around 20 minutes depending on how much information you need to complete. The essential fields are: email address, mobile phone number, 'line manager' for travel sign off, and bank details.  If you  need flights confirming you will also need to complete, Passport Name (as it appears on your passport) in the Your Travel Information.

When completing the Travel Request form it should only take a few minutes, you will need to enter a valid project code (which can be obtained from your school or department) and reason for travel using the pre-populated options in the drop down.

The Travel Request form is a budget request form therefore you need to provide the estimated budget for your trip. This can be a breakdown of each costing element (i.e. Train - £100, Conference - £350, Accommodation - £101), or the Total estimated expenses for the overall trip (i.e. total budget £1000.00 to cover flights,  accommodation  and BSR's) Please note this is estimated expenditure and the travel office will research suitable options at the best price possible.

If you are really unsure how much you need to spend please contact the travel office and we will provide quotes for you to use.

Please note that all new requests and new emails received after 4pm will be actioned the next day.

Travel Policy and Important Documents:

Staff Travel and Expenses Policy
How to Confirm Business Trip Arrangements
Is your Business Travel Essential
How to enter a substitute in Agresso

Travel Request FAQ's

Travel Expenses FAQ's

Risk Management:

Please remember if you are travelling to a Medium or High Risk country you will be required to submit a Risk Assessment to your Line Manager. Please refer to the below documents for further information.

Travel Risk Map
Travel and Fieldwork Policy
Travel and Fieldwork Code of Practice
Are you travelling to an at Risk Country?
An Introduction to Risk Management for your Business Trip
Foreign Office Advice 

Embassy Contact details

The UK Government along with the National Terrorism Police have launch information regarding staying safe when face with a Terrorist situation, links to the Run, Hide, Tell campaign can be found here

Callmy App - Assistance with traveller tracking in an emergency

The Callmy app allows us to communicate to all our colleagues and students securely in the event of an emergency, also if you enable location services, it means that if you are travelling abroad or in the UK, we can pinpoint your whereabouts using the Callmy app and get you quickly in cases of emergency.

The Callmy app is free to download from the App Store or Google Play and we are asking all colleagues and students to download it now and enable notifications and to encourage other staff and students to do the same. Staff will need to enter the password UoS1241when prompted.

When we send you a message, we’ll sometimes ask you to respond, but in most cases we’ll simply send a short message such as “the University is closed due to snow” which will pop up on your phone as a visual and audible alert.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Head of Security, Trevor Jones or call 55264

Travel Insurance:

Travel Insurance Certificate 16/17
Travel Insurance Policy Coverage & Principals 
Important Numbers for while you are away


NHS Country-by Country Health guide
EHIC Card Online Application
Travel Health Pro

Mobile Device Information:

Using your Mobile Device Aboard
International Data Roaming
Ordering Data Bundles for Travel Abroad

Visa Information:

We recognise applying for visas can often be a complex and time-consuming process and therefore we work with all of our suppliers to be able to offer a full visa processing service therefore if you require Visa assistance please contact the travel office who will put you in touch with the relevant suppliers Visa's team. Please note our suppliers do charge a processing cost for using this service which does vary depending on the country you are visiting.

For entry to any country outside the EU you will require to have 6 months validity on your passport from the date of your return. Within the EU you require to have 3 months validity on your passport from the date of your return.

If you are a UK passport holder some countries also require for you to obtain a visa, please find below some advice on a few of our key destinations, further advice on countries throughout the world can be on the Foreign Office Advice website:

USA -  An ESTA Visa Wavier is required, the current charge is $14USD and is valid for two years, if you have visited certain middle eastern countries in the last 5 years or hold a passport issued by certain countries you may not be able to apply for a visa wavier and may require a full visa please refer to the website for more details

Canada - An ESTA Visa Wavier is required for all UK Passport Holders, the current charge is $7CAD

Sri Lanka - An ESTA Visa Wavier is required for all UK Passport Holders, The current charge is $40USD

Bahrain - A visa is required for all UK Passport holders, however this can be obtain upon arrival

United Arab Emirates - A visa is required for entry for all UK Passport holders, however this is issued upon entry.

China - A visa is required for all UK passport holders to China, a Visa processing centre is located in Manchester and further information can be found here, If you would prefer you can apply for this visa through our suppliers and the travel office can provide you with contact information.

India - A visa is required for all UK passport holders to India, you maybe able to apply for an e-business visa, you are able to apply for this style of visa if you are attending business meetings or participation in an exhibition or trade fair or alternatively please refer to the Indian High Commission website for further information or contact the travel office who can put you in touch with the suppliers visa service.

Nigeria - A visa is required for all UK passport holders to Nigeria and must be obtained prior to arrival please visit the High Commission website for further information or contact the travel office who can put you in touch with the suppliers visa service.

Ghana - A visa is required for all UK passport holders to Ghana please visit the High Commissions website for further information or contact the travel office who can put you in touch with the suppliers visa service.

Uganda - An e-visa is required for all UK passport holders and can be applied for online further information can be found here.

External Visitors:

Requesting Travel for an External Visitor

Externally Funded Travel:

Business Trip that is fully pre-paid by an external partner

All trips are required to be inputted into the Agresso system so we can ensure the trip is covered by the Universities travel insurance

  1. Input the trip into the Travel Request form on Agresso as normal
  2. Reason for Travel – Select ‘Externally Funded’
  3. Project Code – A valid code is required. However as no money is being taken this can be a general code the system just needs it to be valid.  
  4. Budget – Leave all elements £0  
  5. Send for approval

This type of trip will not go through all the same approvals as it is externally funded.

When the travel office receive the request they will review the destination of the trip to make sure it is not extreme risk and therefore not covered by the insurance and they will send the traveller the travel insurance certificate and summary of coverage.

Business Trip that is partially funded by an external partner

If a business partner is only paying for part of the trip i.e. you are claiming subsistence and taxi costs through the University or they are paying for flight and the University is paying for the accommodation you need to follow the before steps

  1. Input the trip into the Travel Request form on Agresso as normal
  2. Reason for Travel – Select the most appropriate (do not use Externally Funded as this only works for trip with no budget requirements)
  3. Project Code – Enter the project code required to pay for the elements the University will cover  
  4. Budget – Enter Approximate budget for the elements being paid by the University. If the University is covering BSR’s please remember to add in quantity i.e. 4 nights away enter 4. If you are claiming BSR’s send the travel office your flight itinerary so we can adjust the system to match you arrival and departure time and generate accurate BSR’s for the trip
  5. Additional Information – Add a comment to which elements are being covered externally and which need to be book by the travel office so it is clear when received by the travel office
  6. Send of Approval
  7. This trip will go through the normal two stage approval process of line manager and project approver and then through to the travel office.

    The travel office will quote and book the required elements and send the confirmations.

    If it is just subsistence costs they will complete the task so it will show on your expense claim list for your return

    If you are claiming BSR’s and have sent your flight itinerary they will send you an Approved Trip summary showing the BSR’s available based on the flight times confirmed. The full trip will be covered by the University’s Travel Insurance

Student Travel:

Please refer to the Academic Support section of the finance website for information on the correct forms to submit. Please submit all forms to your Finance Officer who will liaise with the Travel Office regarding your travel arrangements.

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London Tube Map
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