Postgraduate Opportunities

The Centre for Applied Archaeology contributes to a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses within the College of Science and Technology, where the results of the Centre's research are used as case studies.

If you wish to work alongside us on this research, the Centre particularly welcomes PhD proposals in the following areas:

  • Archaeology of 3D visualisation
  • Archaeology, heritage and planning
  • Buildings archaeology
  • Community and public archaeology
  • Industrial Archaeology

For further details please contact:
Dr Michael Nevell, MIFA, FSA
Head of Archaeology, CfAA
T +44 (0)161 295 3825

Current Opportunities 

Archaeology currently have the following PhD themes available. Please contact the staff members directly for further information on the themes, or apply here.

The Archaeology of Industrialisation

Staff at the Centre for Applied Archaeology have a long research history in studying the archaeology of industrialization; that is the transmission from a rural, agrarian society to an urban, manufacturing, one. The Centre contains two of the leading scholars in the archaeological research of the subject in Britain, who have helped to develop a variety of archaeological models for studying the transition archaeologically, encapsulated in the Manchester Methodology and in the Historic Landscape Characterisation approach. Centre has access to a large volume of archaeological data, recovered from developer-funded excavations and surveys, from one the chief centres of the industrial Revolution in Britain during the 18th and 19th centuries; the Manchester city region. We would welcome Post Graduate students wishing to study the archaeology of industrialization through its materials remains and its landscape impact and the following research areas would be very appropriate:

  • The landscape impact of industrialisation
  • Creating cultural identities in the Industrial period
  • Charting the industrial transition through material culture and industrial buildings

Supervisors: Dr Michael Nevell ( & Norman Redhead (

Community Archaeology: its Significance and Impact

Staff at the Centre for Applied Archaeology have a long research history in studying community archaeology in Britain and abroad, and have run several award-winning projects such as the Tameside Archaeological Survey and Dig Manchester. Research on this topic within the Centre has focused upon data gathering, the impact on health and wellbeing, and current practice. The Centre has a large archive covering 20 years of community work and a significance regular network giving access to community volunteers and local archaeology societies. We would welcome proposals looking at these themes, but in particular the following topics:

  • Public responses to community heritage engagement
  • The impact of community archaeology on social cohesion and inclusion
  • And the role of community archaeology in promoting the archaeology of the recent past

Supervisors: Dr Michael Nevell (, Adam Thompson ( & Norman Redhead (

Archaeology and Heritage Management

With access to the Greater Manchester Historic Environment Record database, with more than 17,000 entries, the Historic Landscape Characterisation database for the Manchester city region (with more an 40,000 centuries) and over 2000 specialist developer-funded archaeological reports the Centre has a rich resource for Post Graduate students researching archaeology in the planning process. Centre staff have more than 30 years of experience in archaeology in the planning process and have particular expertise in the archaeology of the Mesolithic, Roman, Post-Medieval and Industrial periods. We would welcome research proposals that explore the databases available, as well as the period material but in particular would welcome proposals on the following topics:

  • The practice of heritage management and archaeology
  • The value of planning archaeology to the public, academia and industry
  • Thematic or period studies of sites and material culture

Supervisors: Dr Andrew Myers ( & Norman Redhead (