Research at the School is structured into two main research centres:

Ecosystems and Environment Research Centre (EERC)

The Ecosystems and Environment Research Centre is an interdisciplinary centre and addresses some of the major environmental challenges of the 21st century: climate change, biodiversity loss, natural resource management and spread of infectious diseases.

The centre carries out high quality real-world research that contributes to the scientific understanding of the physical and biological dimensions of environmental change and its impact on humans. Our research teams employ an astounding variety of approaches from genomics, molecular ecology, behavioural ecology, forensics, sociology, radioecology, remote sensing and geographic information systems.

Biomedical Research Centre (BRC)

The Biomedical Research Centre focuses on understanding disease processes (both infectious and non-infectious) and applying this information to understand pathology and develop new or improved diagnostics and treatments. A multidisciplinary approach encompassing medicinal chemistry, rational drug design, pharmacology, physiology, immunology, proteomics, molecular diagnostics and cell biology underpins the work of the centre.