Steven Rossington

Dr Steven Rossington

Lecturer in Biochemistry


I am currently  Programme Leader for Foundation Year Biology and Environmental Science and also a Lecturer in Organic Chemistry. I joined the University of Salford  in 2008 after Postdoctoral periods at the Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre, Manchester University, Liverpool University and a Research Assistance role at Salford University.  I studied for my BSc (Hons) Chemistry and PhD in Organic Chemistry (2000-2004) at the University of Salford and worked under the supervision of Dr Jim Wilkinson. My research interests are in methodology in organic chemistry, antimicrobial agents and pathways for isolation of isotope enriched polysaccharide material.

Away from teaching and research, my great desire is to promote biochemistry and chemistry through public engagement. I have presented science presentations to schools and colleges throughout the UK since 2005 and have presented for The Royal Institution, The Royal Society of Chemistry, The Biochemical Society, The British Association for Science and regional science festivals and appeared on BBC TV and Radio as well as local news outlets.


I deliver teaching in the areas of Chemistry, Study Skills and Molecular Structure for Foundation Year and Pharmaceutical Science students and deliver lecture, tutorial and laboratory classes to these students.

Research Interests

My research is mainly on the development of methodology involving chiral lithium amide bases. My research is predominantly concerned on the achiral substrates being opened in selectivity by chiral lithium amide bases or a mixture of base and chiral ligands ((-)-sparteine, (+)-sparteine surrogates).

In addition to this suite of research, synthetic strategies are underway to synthesize potential antimicrobial agents relating to the key constituent of gram –ve bacterial cell walls, 2β-deoxy-KDO, which is a key component for the construction of bacterial cell walls that maintain their structural and chemical integrity to the microbial environment. Deficient cell wall formation might result in a bacterial cell more susceptible to their natural environment.

My third area of research is to examine strategies for the incorporation of isotopic inorganic material into the polysaccharide Gylcoaminoglycan component of crustaceans which can be isolated and characterized.

Qualifications and Memberships

BSc (Hons) Chemistry, University of Salford, 1999.

PhD in Organic Chemistry, University of Salford, 2004.

Member of The Royal Society of Chemistry’s Greater Manchester District Council and Education Sub-Committee.

Member of The Biochemical Society.


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