Patricia Ragazzon

Dr Patricia Ragazzon

Lecturer Biochemistry – Programme Leader Biochemical Sciences

Office Times

Wednesday 12:00pm - 2:00pm


I studied Chemistry at Universidad del Salvador, Argentina from 1992 to 1997. Following this, I have been a researcher in both industry and academic institutes. I pursued a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry at the Open University, after which I worked as postdoctoral fellow in the USA at the Brown Cancer Center, a prestigious research centre in Kentucky.

I returned to the UK and up to 2012 worked as a Senior Research Scientist in Industry working in the area of DMPK/ADMETox which developing new assays using LC-MS/MS and imaging microscopy for metabolic, toxicological, absorption and transporters studies in both Peakdale Molecular and Cyprotex. In 2013 I joined the University of Salford as a Lecturer, teaching and researching in the chemical sciences.


I teach across several areas at both undergraduate and postgraduate level including Organic Chemistry, Toxicology, Green Chemistry, Biochemistry, Metabolism and Drug Design, as well as many laboratory practicals.

In my role as Programme Leader I oversee the running of the Chemical Sciences courses which involves working with students, colleagues, external collaborators and employers, planning course content accordingly to ensure that students have the best possible experience here at Salford, and graduate with the skills the sector is looking for.

I love my job because I get to interact with students and help them to expand their knowledge; I love to see the spark in their eyes when they are fascinated by topics.

Research Interests

My research interests comprise several different areas from medicinal chemistry to pre-clinical testing and analytical chemistry. Currently I am working on drug design of small molecules, aptamers for therapeutic and sensing purposes, natural product extraction and characterisation, pre-clinical testing, toxicology, analytical assessment of e-cigarettes-toiletries-cosmetics and applications of the microbiome on different disease models.

I have collaborations with colleagues at the University of Sheffield, University of Wolverhampton, Manchester Metropolitan University, Brown Cancer Center in USA, Brazil and Argentina as well as Hichrom and Agilent.

Qualifications and Memberships

PhD Medicinal Chemistry (Open University), 2006

MChem Chemistry (Universidad del Salvador), 1997

PGCAP (University of Salford), 20014

Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry


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