Dr Mike Wood

Reader in Applied Ecology


After graduating from the University of Liverpool with a BSc in Zoology and then from the University of Manchester with an MSc in Pollution and Environmental Control, I entered the world of Environmental Consultancy.  During 3 years working as a Consultant, I delivered applied research and consultancy for a broad range of clients, but quickly realised that academia was where I wanted to develop my career.  I returned to the University of Liverpool to work as an Environmental Scientist, using the experience I had gained as a Consultant to secure substantive research funding in various areas of applied environmental science.  In parallel, I undertook a part-time PhD, graduating in 2010.  My first academic post was as a Lecturer in Environmental Management at Manchester Metropolitan University, which provided me with excellent opportunities to hone my teaching skills.  Since 2011, I have been lecturing in environmental management at the University of Salford, which provides a fantastic environment for me to deliver research-led teaching that draws heavily on my extensive and rapidly expanding portfolio of international research.


I deliver research-led teaching in environmental management from Foundation to Masters level.  I lead modules on topics such as ‘environment and sustainability’, ‘consultancy’, ‘environmental decision making’ and ‘environmental investigation and remediation’.  I also teach on the UNIGIS distance learning programme, specialising in environmental applications of Geographical Information Systems.  In addition to these teaching activities, I supervise research projects undertaken by students at BSc, MSc and PhD level.  Recent supervisory roles include PhD research on the uptake of environmental management systems by Nigerian companies and MSc research on unusual pathways for the environmental transfer of radionuclides from the Sellafield site.

Research Interests

I have a real passion for research. Since 2003, I have been undertaking research supported by Research Councils (NERC, EPSRC & ESRC), the European Commission (FP6 & FP7), the United Nations (IAEA & UNEP), Government agencies and industry. This funding has enabled me to deliver internationally-excellent high impact research including: (i) pioneering the development of new approaches to model and measure radionuclide transfer to wildlife; and (ii) establishing linkages between ecosystem services and poverty alleviation throughout the India & Hindu-Kush region. As these two examples indicate, my research cuts across the broad subject of environmental management, with a particular focus on applied research to inform environmental decision-making, management and policy development. I have coordinated 2 large international interdisciplinary projects, am a member of various environmental management-related international Working Groups and chair the international Task Group for the development of non-lethal methods for use in pollution ecology. Specific areas of my research activity include: (i) Development of tools and methods for environmental management; (ii) Modelling environmental contaminants, especially in coastal interface ecosystems; (iii) Management of environmental pollution; (iv) Pollution ecology, especially Radioecology; (v) Food chain transfer of contaminants; (vi) Ecosystem services and poverty alleviation; (vii) Environmental management decision making and uncertainty; and (viii) Corporate environmental management and Environmental Management Systems. I also undertake environmental management consultancy, especially for the nuclear sector.

Qualifications and Memberships

PGCert Academic Practice, Manchester Metropolitan University 2012

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 2012

PhD Environmental Science, University of Liverpool 2010

Chartered Member of Society for Radiological Protection (SRP) 2005

Full Member of International Union of Radioecology (IUR) 2005

MSc Pollution and Environmental Control, University of Manchester 2000

BSc (Hons) Zoology, University of Liverpool 1998


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