Professor Stefano Mariani publishes new academic book

Tuesday 7 January 2014
Professor Stefano Mariani

Evolutionary biologist Professor Stefano Mariani has co-edited a book published by Elsevier/Academic Press about the study of fish population structure.

Stock Identification Methods: Applications in Fisheries Science (second edition) provides a comprehensive review of the various approaches used to study fish population structure and their interdisciplinary integration - a crucial topic for fishery science and management.

Technological advances have promoted the development of stock identification methods in many directions; the book offers a unified framework for understanding the nature of the various approaches, grounding them in the central tenets of population biology and resource management.  

This valuable resource contains several brand new chapters, to account for the rapid developments in tagging, genetics and computational approaches, and is tailored for fishery scientists and managers, and graduate students studying fish biology and aquatic sciences.