Centre for Applied Archaeology

The Centre for Applied Archaeology has unrivalled access to a wide range of skills from planning and surveying, to conservation and 3D visualisation.

Our professional seminars and postgraduate archaeology courses have an emphasis on industrial archaeology and the built environment to maximise this access to specialist expertise and resource.

The Centre undertakes work in three areas:

  • teaching and research, especially within industrial archaeology and the built environment
  • promoting and providing research access to heritage and community archaeology
  • archaeological consultancy work and professional development courses

We have a number of community archaeology projects engaging the local and wider community in their heritage and an established project undertaking research on landscape in the Trent Valley spanning multiple years. Follow our work with the University of Salford archaeology blog.

Dig Greater Manchester

Our "Dig Greater Manchester project" gives local communities the opportunity to get involved in their own history and heritage, with residents getting 'hands on' experience of an archaeological excavation. Over 6,000 local people across Greater Manchester will get involved, ranging from absolute beginners and school children, to experienced archaeology volunteers.

Find out more about the locations and the project and follow the excavations on the Dig Greater Manchester blog