Professor Sheila Pankhurst

Professor Sheila Pankhurst

Dean of School

D Rennie

Denise Rennie

Associate Dean Academic

Anna Akinshina

Dr Anna Akinshina

Lecturer in Physical Chemistry

Professor Stefano Mariani

Associate Dean Research

Professor Mike Rogan

Professor of Zoology

Jeremy Allen

Dr Jeremy Allen

Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science

R Antwis

Dr Rachael Antwis

Lecturer in Global Ecology and Conservation

R Armitage

Dr Richard Armitage

Academic Lead, Geography and Environmental Management, Senior Lecturer in GIS

Athar Aziz

Dr Athar Aziz

Lecturer in Biomedicine

Robin Beck

Dr Robin Beck

Lecturer in Biology

Dr Chiara Benvenuto

Lecturer in Zoology

Professor Richard Birtles

Chair in Biomedicine

G Bonucelli

Dr Gloria Bonuccelli

Research Associate Fellow

J Boubli

Professor Jean Boubli

Chair in Tropical Ecology and Conservation; Programme Leader for MSc Wildlife Conservation

Kevin Bown

Dr Kevin Bown

Senior Lecturer in Biology; Programme Leader for Biology and Zoology

Rachel Brenchley

Dr Rachel Brenchley

Lecturer in Genomics and Bioinformatics

Darren Brooks

Dr Darren Brooks

Lecturer in Molecular Bioscience; Programme Leader for Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Science

Andrew Clark

Lecturer in Environmental Assessment and Management

Carole Conroy

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Health

I Coscia

Dr Ilaria Coscia

Research and Teaching Fellow

Phil Craig

Professor Philip Craig

Emeritus Professor

Professor Mark Danson

Professor of Geography

J Denbigh

Dr Joanna Denbigh

Lecturer in Pharmacology

Gianpiero Di Leva

Dr Gianpiero Di Leva

Lecturer in Biomedical Science

Rod Elder

Dr Rhoderick Elder

Senior Lecturer in Molecular Bioscience, Postgraduate Tutor

N Entwistle

Dr Neil Entwistle

Lecturer in Geography

Dr Natalie Ferry

Senior Lecturer in Biotechnology; Programme Leader for MSc Drug Design & Discovery, Biotechnology and Biomedical Science

Marco Fiorillo

Dr Marco Fiorillo

Research Associate Fellow

Ian Goodhead

Dr Ian Goodhead

Lecturer in Infectious Diseases

David Greensmith

Dr David Greensmith

Lecturer in Biomedical Science; Programme Leader for Human Biology and Infectious Diseases

J Hadfield

Dr John Hadfield

Senior Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry

Michael Hardman

Dr Michael Hardman

Lecturer in Geography

Professor Geoff Hide

Academic Lead, Biology and Wildlife Programmes

Dr Simon M Hutchinson

Senior Lecturer

Joseph Jackson

Professor Joseph Jackson

Chair in Parasitology

Professor Philip James

Professor of Ecology

C James

Dr Chloe James

Senior Lecturer in Medical Microbiology

R Jehle

Dr Robert Jehle

Reader in Wildlife and Organismal Biology

Professor Richard Knowles

Honorary Professor of Transport Geography

Z Krpetic

Dr Zeljka Krpetic

Lecturer in Physical Chemistry

Professor Marija Krstic-Demonacos

Professor of Molecular Medicine, Director of Biomedical Research Centre

Dr Gemma Lace-Costigan

Senior Lecturer in Molecular Bioscience

J Latimer

Dr Joe Latimer

Lecturer in Antimicrobial Resistance

Josh Lehr

Dr Joshua Lehr

Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry

Chuxia LIn

Professor Chuxia Lin

Chair in Environmental Science

Michael Lisanti

Professor Michael Lisanti

Chair in Translational Medicine

S Martin

Professor Stephen Martin

Chair in Social Entomology

Alex Mastin

Dr Alexander Mastin

Research Fellow in Ecological/Epidemiological Simulation Modelling

Allan McDevitt

Dr Allan McDevitt

Lecturer in Global Ecology and Conservation

Christoph Meyer

Dr Christoph Meyer

Lecturer in Global Ecology and Conservation

A Miah

Professor Andy Miah

Chair in Science Communication and Future Media; Programme Leader for MSc Science Communication and Future Media

P Miklavc

Dr Pika Miklavc

Lecturer in Human Physiology

I Miller

Ian Miller

Assistant Director, Salford Archaeology, Centre for Applied Archaeology

Dr Debapriya Mondal

Senior Lecturer in Safety, Health and Environment; Programme Leader for MSc Environment and Health Programmes

A Mukhopadhyay

Dr Arijit Mukhopadhyay

Lecturer in Human Genetics

Mike Nevell

Dr Michael Nevell

Head of Archaeology

Niroshini Nirmalan

Professor Niroshini Nirmalan

Academic Lead, Biomedicine, Chair in Biomolecular Sciences

Dr Sean O'Hara

Programme Leader for both Wildlife Conservation degree programmes


Dr Erinma Ochu MBE

Lecturer in Science Communication and Future Media

Michelle Oughterson

Dr Michelle Oughterson

Senior Lecturer in Physiology

S Parnell

Dr Stephen Parnell

Lecturer in Spatial Epidemiology

I Podmore

Dr Ian Podmore

Senior Lecturer in Analytical Bioscience

D Pye

Dr David Pye

Academic Lead, Chemical Sciences, Reader in Molecular Bioscience

Norman Redhead

Norman Redhead

Heritage Management Director (Archaeology)

Dr Paul Rees

Senior Lecturer in Wildlife

Steven Rossington

Dr Steven Rossington

Lecturer in Organic Chemistry

Dr Lucy Smyth

Lecturer in Biomedical Science; Programme Leader for Biomedical Science

Federica Sotgia

Professor Federica Sotgia

Chair in Biomedical Science

Steve Sumner

Steve Sumner OBE

Fractional Teaching Fellow

Dr Joe Taylor

Career Development Fellow

Anna Thomason

Research Assistant

Dr Denise Thomasson

Lecturer in Wildlife and Organismal Biology

Dr Stephen Todd

Senior Lecturer in Building Pathology and Sustainability; Programme Leader for Geography and Environment Programmes

Caroline Topham

Dr Caroline Topham

Lecturer in Translational Medicine

Jim Wilkinson

Dr James Wilkinson

Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry; Programme Leader for Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry

Sarah Withers

Dr Sarah Withers

Lecturer in Biomedicine and Senior Research Scientist at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Professor Mike Wood

Chair in Applied Ecology; Programme Leader for MSc UNIGIS Programmes

Katherine Yates

Dr Katherine Yates

Lecturer in Global Ecology and Conservation

Professor Robert Young

Chair in Wildlife Conservation