Science Communication Session

Thursday 1 January 1970 1.00am - Thursday 1 January 1970 1.00am

As Ebola expands in Africa, UK badgers are culled to control TB and pollinating insects are in decline the global impact of infectious disease has never been more important. Meet the experts to discover why understanding the environment could help prevent the spread and impact of infectious diseases.

Public Debate: ‘We’re all doomed-or not’ invited speakers including Prof Peter Hudson FRSProf Robbie McDonald and Prof Mark Brown will consider the future impacts of infectious disease an humans and wildlife. Chaired by science communication expert and our new Chair of Science Communication, Prof Andy Miah.

Film premier: Transmission: the choreography of epidemiology based on Wellcome Trust funded collaboration between the Becs Andrews Company - an award-winning group of artists, performers and technologists - together with  evolutionary biologist Prof Michael Brockhurst (York)

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