Awards for outstanding teachers and graduates announced

Thursday 18 July 2013
Chloe James
Dr Chloe James

There’s been plenty to celebrate for the School of Environment & Life Sciences this week at graduation, with a round of awards for outstanding teaching staff, departments and alumni who have made a real difference.

The VC’s Research Excellence Awards 2013

Dr Chloe James
Dr James joined the University in 2012. She was nominated for this award for her work on the role of bacterial viruses where her research examines the most common pathogen infecting the lungs of patients with cystic fibrosis (Pseudomonas aeruginosa). She purified multiple bacterial viruses from a transmissible strain of this pathogen. Her work describes the infection properties of these viruses that provide clues as to why this strain is better adapted to the cystic fibrosis lung environment. This is important because once established, and despite extensive use of antibiotics, these bacteria are never cleared. Understanding the forces that drive this behaviour will inform the development of better therapeutic strategies to counter such infections.

Chancellor’s Alumni Achievement Awards

Martin Braddock, PhD, 1985
Internationally recognised for leading teams in drug discovery projects for cardiovascular disease, wound healing, rheumatoid arthritis and respiratory disease.

Dr Josue Okoth, PhD Medical Entomology, 1987
Designed a trap which helps communities in Uganda to control Tsetse flies which feed on blood.

John Robinson, BSc Chemistry, 1971
Major contributor to the development of viable processes and patents for the asthma drug Fluticasone Propionate.

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