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Acquiring a phone and/or a telephone account

Acquiring a phone and/or a telephone account

It is important to understand that with the University’s current phone system, IP phones and extension numbers are not inextricably tied together, and are therefore requested separately. To get a telephone extension number, you must first request a telephone account. Then, to tie that account (extension number) to a physical IP phone, you must login to that phone. See below Extension mobility - logging in to an IP phone.

  • If you need to request an IP phone, you need to fill out a Telephony Request Form and submit it via the IT Service Desk. As part of this requesting process, you will need to specify whether you will use an existing data socket to connect the phone, or you will need a completely new socket*.  
  • If you need an extension number, you must first request a telephone account via the IT Service Desk. When that has been created, you will be advised of your extension number.  

*Note that only one data socket is required for connecting an IP phone and a Personal Computer (as a co-located pair) to the University’s data network.

Depending on your requirements, there may be a charge for the supply of an IP Phone setup; also note that external call charges apply. Refer to the Charges and Billing section for details.

Special phone configurations – Hunt Groups, Pickup Groups

If you need any special phone configurations to be set up, such as hunt groups, pickup groups or manager-assistant arrangements, see Special Phone Configurations.

Call Centre Setup

Call Centre telephone configurations are normally set up by way of small projects. See the Call Centre section.