Robotics and Systems Engineering Labs

Our well equipped labs include many of the technologies found within industry. Students are able to gain experience working with sensors, actuators and a range of control systems.

Industrial robots

We have a number of industrial robot arms including the ABB Flexpicker, a six jointed Nachi arm and a human scale CRS robot. The labs also contain a number of conveyor belt systems allowing students to gain experience of programming and operating systems they are likely to come across in industry.

Mobile robots

We also have a number of mobile robot platforms which use both wheels and legs.

The department has a number of NAO miniature humanoid robots. These allow students to develop a wide range of algorithms to allow the robots to walk, and provide an excellent basis for experiments with cognition and signal processing.

High speed Flexpicker Robot - Robotics at CSE Dexterous robot hand detail - Robotics at CSE Human scale CRS robot detail - Robotics at CSE Human scale CRS robot - Robotics at CSE Haptic systems - Robotics at CSE Dexterous robot hand - Robotics at CSE

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