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Promoting Physics Learning And Teaching Opportunities (PPLATO) was a project involving 6 UK Universities, including Salford. The PPLATO Team was led by Dr Mike Tinker of the University of Reading. PPLATO has its own website, giving details of the project and its objectives. PPLATO online teaching and learning resources for mathematics and physics may now be accessed, for casual use, through a single interface. In addition to sector surveys, and a sophisticated range of state-of-the-art software developed by Dr Martin Greenhow, PPLATO also delivered a resource equivalent to about 4 online books of materials (Acrobat Reader 6.0, or above, is necessary - free download).

Hyper-FLAP Mathematics Strand - online book

Hyper-FLAP Mathematics Strand Online Book

Hyper-FLAP Mathematics Strand - book

Online Maths Book Contents - Algebra, functions & equations | Vectors and geometry | Complex numbers | Differentiation | Integration | Differential equations.

Copyright: Open University and the University of Reading

Hyper-FLAP Physics Strand - online book

Hyper-FLAP Physics Strand Online Book

Hyper-FLAP Physics Strand - book

Online Physics Book Contents - Measurement | Mechanics | Fields | Electricity and Magnetism | Vibrations and Waves | Light and Optics | Heat and Properties of Matter | Atoms and Molecules | Nuclear Physics | Quantum Physics | Advanced Quantum Physics.

Copyright: Open University and the University of Reading

Maths for Science - online book

Maths for Science Hyper-Text Online Book

Maths for Science - book

Click above image to open Maths for Science online maths book contents and Hyper-Text.

Copyright: Open University

PPLATO Maths Hyper-Tutorials (Plymouth University) - tutorial ebook

PPLATO Maths Hyper-Tutorials Online Book (Plymouth University)

PPLATO Maths Hyper-Tutorials by Plymouth University - Interactive Mathematics - ebook

Online Maths Tutorial Book Contents - Basic Algebra | Graphs | Trigonometry | Calculus | Vectors | Matrices and Determinants | Vector Calculus | Logic and Proof | Units | Applications.

Click above image to open Interactive Mathematics online tutorials.

Copyright: Robin Horan and Martin Lavelle, University of Plymouth

PPLATO Maths Hyper-Tutorials (Salford University) - tutorial ebook

PPLATO Maths Hyper-Tutorials Online Book (Salford University)

PPLATO Maths Hyper-Tutorials by Salford University - h-Tutorials - ebook

Online Maths Tutorial Book Contents - Vector Products | Integration Techniques | Ordinary Differential Equations | Power Series | Fourier Series.

Click above image to open Salford University's h-Tutorials.

Copyright: Graham S McDonald, University of Salford

Computer Assessment - online modules

Over 50 mathematics tests were developed for private study or for online delivery (via webpages or virtual learning environments). Assessments typically have randomly-selected questions and parameters. Importantly, intelligent feedback (including complete solutions) turns each assessment into a valuable learning experience.

PPLATO Maths Computer Assessments

PPLATO Maths Computer Online Assessments

PPLATO Maths Computer Assessments

Online Contents - Algebra | Differentiation | Integration | Matrices | Mechanics | Numbers | Ordinary Differential Equations | Probability | Vectors | Coordinate Geometry | Fourier Series | Fourier and Laplace Transforms | Newton-Raphson | Trigonometry Functions.

Click above image to open PPLATO Maths Computer Assessments.

Please check for further Computer Assessment updates here.

Copyright: Martin Greenhow, Brunel University

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