Physics Outreach Resources

This set of posters features physicists who made great advancements in our understanding of the world around us.

Most of these scientists have been selected because their names should be recognisable to students through their names being associated with SI units (e.g. Joule, Hertz), laws or equations (e.g. Bragg, Ohm) and phenomena (e.g. Doppler, Pauli). It is hoped that this recognition will stimulate students to do their own research to discover more about these great scientists and the contributions they have made to physics.

Two of the posters include information on Physical Constants and Dimensions, which should provide useful reference points and teaching aids in classrooms.

If you would like to receive A1-size copies of these posters, please contact Martin Dawson at

For further information, or to arrange a visit to the Joule Physics Laboratory, please see our Physics Outreach page.

Download all 4 posters in a single PDF file...

Physics learning resources

A selection of tutorials from the PPLATO Maths and Physics Resources, are online and available for you to use.