Physics Enterprise

Real World Research & Enterprise

At Salford, Physics enterprise and research includes internationally excellent Fundamental and Theoretical Academic projects. The backbone of our engagement with employers arises from the strong reputation the University enjoys for leading real world research. We have a long tradition of professional enterprise activities undertaken by our Physics staff.

Examples of Applied Research and Physics Enterprise

  • Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) with the Medical Research Council
  • Diffraction & LIBS Applications in Archaeology with the Blackden Trust, Cheshire
  • Thin Hard Coatings Applications with Hardide Coatings Ltd, Oxfordshire
  • Ongoing projects in New Materials and Processes with Technical Fibre Products Ltd, Cumbria
  • Continuing Professional Development activities in Vacuum Technologies with Daresbury
  • Plasma Air Purification Technologies with Plasma Clean Limited, Cheshire
  • Photovoltaic Materials Developments (e.g. CuInSe2 magnetron spluttering)
  • Development of Activated Carbons for Hydrogen Adsorption with Chemviron Carbon Ltd. Wigan
  • Exploitation of HIDEN Intelligent Gravimetric Analysers (originally developed at Salford) with HIDEN Isochema, Warrington
  • Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) Technologies, as collaborations on CVD design and Materials Development
  • Organisation of Exhibition Conferences with Daresbury
  • Flexible Production Technologies and Equipment based on Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Processing for 3D Nano Structured Surfaces (N2P). (EU Integrated Project with multiple partners including EADS, Nuon, and a number of companies involved in photovoltaic developments and biocidal developments)
  • Process Line Implementation for Applied Surface Nanotechnologies (PLIANT). This is an EU Integrated Project with multiple partners including EPFL, Solibro, and a number of companies involved in photovoltaic developments
  • Development of Hydrogen Storage for use with Hydrogen Fuel Cells (NESSHy). (EU Integrated FP6 Project that involves a number of industrial collaborators including Daimler)
  • Creation of ear protectors using acoustic metamaterial cloaking/invisibility methods
  • Development of ‘cadium free’ quantum dots with Nanoco Technologies Ltd