Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Salford provides a wide range of opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate study within the areas of aeronautical engineering, aerospace, aircraft engineering, aviation technology, aerospace, and pilot studies – all areas with excellent employment prospects.

All aeronautical engineering courses are closely linked with industry and have accredited routes towards either Royal Aeronautical Society or Institutution of Mechanical Engineers qualifications, which are in great demand in industry and lead to a wide range of high level career options. Placement options are also available.

Facilities, Simulators, Test Flights

Aeronautical Engineering Students on a Test Flight at the Cranfield National Flying Laboratory Centre

As well as theoretical knowledge and creative thinking, the degree courses require substantial study in laboratories to equip graduates with a range of vocational and practical skills. Facilities include specialist Aerodynamics and Mechanical labs, a Merlin MP520-T Flight Simulator and an Elite Flight Training System. All students attend a flight training course at Cranfield University's National Flying Laboratory Centre.