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Engineering research centre

Rehabilitation Technologies and Biomedical Engineering

This cross-College theme of work is led by Professor David Howard (School of Computing, Science and Engineering) and Professor Laurence Kenney (School of Health Sciences). We apply our multi-disciplinary expertise in engineering, computing and health sciences to solve challenging biomedical problems. In particular, our work has focused on the design and development of new upper and lower limb rehabilitation technologies aimed at assisting functional movement, together with novel methods for their evaluation. This has included work on:

  • Electrical muscle stimulation for those with partial paralysis;
  • Rehabilitation robotics;
  • Advanced prosthetics;
  • Mathematical modelling and simulation of neuro-musculo-skeletal systems.

Salford’s research in this area is one of the core activities of the Research Centre and has developed through a series of externally funded projects dating back to the late 1990s. We currently hold grants worth well over £1 million from the NIHR, EPSRC, and charities. We collaborate in externally funded projects with leading UK companies in the areas of functional electrical stimulation (Odstock Medical Ltd) and prosthetics (Blatchford Ltd), have published our work in leading journals and have demonstrable impact from a series of projects and other activities, dating back almost 20 years. Our recent PhD graduates reflect the strongly multi-disciplinary nature of our group. For example, Dr Matty Major (now working at Northwestern University in Chicago, USA) had a background in mechanical engineering; Dr Mohammad Sobuh (now working at the University of Jordan, Jordan) originally trained as a prosthetist; and Dr Jane McAdam (now working at Salford Royal Hospitals Foundations Trust, UK) is a practicing podiatrist.

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