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Autonomous Systems and Robotics research centre

Doctoral students

The students listed below are currently studying or were awarded their PhD in 2013:

Prof Samia Nefti-Meziani supervises:

  • Bassim El-Achkar: Pattern recognition using PSO, Status: Graduated
  • Ahmed Al-Dulaimy: Swarm intelligence and Risk management in Swarm robotics, Status: Graduated
  • May Bunny: Multi-criteria optimisation using Prospect theory, Status: Graduated
  • Umar Manzoor: Agent Based Network Resource Monitoring and Management System, Status: Graduated
  • S Baresi: Research topic: Semantic Based Indexing Technique for Optimisation and
  • Intelligent Document Representation, Status: Graduated
  • Awatef El Aaimi: A New Methodology for Desigining A Multilingual Bio-Ontology: An Application to Arabic/English Bio-Informatio Retrieval, Status: Graduated
  • Abulgasem Elmabruk: A Haptic Surgical Simulator For Cataract Eye Surgery Using Circular Wave Model, Status: Graduated
  • William Hinojosa: Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Probabilistic Fuzzy Behaviour Creators, Status: Graduated
  • Sam Rashida: A Novel, Flexible, Multi-Functional Handling Device Based using Bernoulli Principle, Status: Graduated
  • Iaonnis Sarakoglou: Interoperable Portable Haptic Interfaces for High Fidelity Tactile Feedback in Immersive Virtual Environments. Status: Graduated
  • Mohd Nadhir Ab Wahab: Automated Strategy Planning: Implication of Swarm Intelligence for Mobile Robots. Status: 1st year PhD Student
  • John Pinder: Dynamic Generation of Collaborative Strategies for Heterogeneous Robots using Multi-Objective Reinforcement Learning. Status: 1st year PhD Student
  • Wajdi Rasheed Ismaeel Al-Rikabi: Autonomous vehicle control using digital type-2 fuzzy controller in cloud computing. Status: 1st year PhD Student
  • Sean Chase Mandrake: Augmenting Human-Machine Interaction using variable context immersive visualization. Status: 1st year PhD Student
  • Chukudi Uchechuku Wilson: The Design of a Wearable Exoskeleton for Upper Limb Power Assist and Rehabilitation. Status: 2nd year PhD Student

Dr Ian Drumm supervises:

  • Dr Charles Mydlarz: Application of mobile and internet technologies for the investigation of human relationships with soundscapes , PhD thesis, The University of Salford. 2013. Status: Graduated
  • Dr Robert Oldfield: The Analysis and Improvement of Focused Source Reproduction with Wave Field Synthesis, PhD thesis, The University of Salford 2013. Status: Graduated

Dr Pietro Murano supervises:

  • Md Abul Fadle Maidin: Abdullah Alfaraj (Jointly supervised with Dr Antonacopoulos)